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Main advantages

Despite contradictions, day by day the fiberglass reinforcement is more and more actively used in the market of modern capital construction, not only in America, Canada and Russia, but already and its popularity increases day by day. At the heart of all this main advantages of fiberglass reinforcement lie:

The fiberglass reinforcement does not corrode, rust, and does not change the properties even in hostile environment (including the alkaline environment of concrete). For stability fiberglass rebar is ranked with the first group of chemically steady materials.

In case of equal diameter, the fiberglass rebar, when stretching is 2.5-3 times more resistant than steel reinforcement. Due to this the term “full strength meal replacement “was accepted. That is, the replacement of metal is available for fiberglass reinforcement with smaller full-strength stability.

The fiberglass rebar is much easier. Its weight is 5 times less in comparison with metal fittings of equal diameter and 9 lighter than metal fittings of full-strength diameter. All this not only facilitates a concrete structure, but also gives the opportunity to save on costs for its transportation to the place of destination.

It’s for ? _? % cheaper in comparison with equivalent of full-strength metal.

The coefficient of thermal expansion of fiberglass reinforcement is equivalent to coefficient of expansion of concrete.

Extremely low thermal conductivity that practically excludes existence so-called "cold bridges" (Thermal Bridging) in case of its application.

The fiberglass rebar is magnetically inert. Besides this researches confirm its transparency (permeability) for radio waves. That’s why in case of use of fiberglass reinforcement there will be no "deaf places" where the adoption of radio waves is impossible and mobile communications work badly.

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