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Despite contradictions, day by day the fiberglass reinforcement is more and more actively used in the market of modern capital construction, not only in America, Canada and Russia, but already and...


When choosing between the metal fittings and fiberglass reinforcement, the extent of savings in case of use of fiberglass reinforcement often is calculated incorrectly. In most cases, only...

Fiberglass reinforcement

Fiberglass reinforcement - a unique building material, and fiberglass and various types of polymers are used for its manufacture. It consists of two main parts: the inside part consists of set of...


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Use of fiberglass (composite) reinforcement

Active use of fiberglass (composite) reinforcement in construction began from 80 years of the last century.

According to The American Concrete Institute in 1983, the Ministry of Transport developed the first project “Transfer of Composite Technology to Design and Construction of Bridges”. (Plecnik and Ahmad 1988).

In the 90s in Japan about 100 commercial projects using fiberglass (composite) reinforcement were carried out. And in Asia China became the largest consumer. Besides, composite reinforcement is widely used in Great Britain, Canada, USA, etc.

Composite (fiberglass) reinforcement is used as in elements of private, civil, and factory buildings and in transport, coast-protecting and port structures, etc.

Researches confirm a number of factors, which speak in favor of justified use of composite reinforcement. In particular, in comparison with traditional reinforcement - high durability, low specific weight, high chemical and anticorrosive stability, low thermal conductivity, radio and magnetic transparency (permeability), ease of transportation. Set of all this in some cases gives a significant (30-40%) economical effect.

At the same time it should be noted that the elastic modulus of the composite reinforcement of a periodic profile is less than the elastic modulus of a traditional metal reinforcement. Respectively it is impossible to manufacture bent members (in L- and U-shaped form) on the construction site.

Taking into account the recommendations provided in detected sources of world construction literature, the composite (fiberglass) reinforcement can be used:

- in floor slabs;

- in the basement of the building;

- in hostile environment (sea coastal or port constructions), in reinforcing of concrete structures;

- in the thin-walled reinforced structures;

- in bricklaying reinforcing;

- in rod posts of power lines;

- in irrigation canals;

- in reinforcing of highways and bridges;

- in bearing structures (in building above a height of3 floors);

- etc.

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