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Fiberglass reinforcement
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Key Features


Despite the setbacks, the company Intrec Georgia continues to grow and develop.




When making a choice between metal reinforcement and fiberglass reinforcement...


Fiberglass reinforcement


Fiberglass reinforcement is a unique and innovative construction material.

About Us


Intrec Georgia is the first Georgian company and at the same time the leader in the production of composite reinforcement. Intrec Georgia introduced the production of new modern innovative fiberglass reinforcement in Georgia in 2014. Intrec Georgia is growing and developing day by day. To date, the company has participated in many international exhibitions (Tbilisi, Batumi, Plovdiv, Baku). Fiberglass reinforcement manufactured by Intrec Georgia under the trademark ``Basis`` is certified and registered. Fiberglass reinforcement ``Basis`` has eight years of history and is successfully used among private developers, as well as in industrial construction, land reclamation projects, road construction, and more.

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Our Experience

Since 2019, the company Intrec Georgia has offered customers building slats (clamps) of all sizes and shapes under the trademark “Basis”.

Since 2020, for the first time in Georgia, the company Intrec Georgia has started producing another innovative product necessary for reinforcement, such as a special loop-knitted fried wire under the trademark “Basis”.

Key Features

Despite the setbacks, the company Intrec Georgia continues to grow and develop. Our fiberglass reinforcement “Basis” is becoming more and more popular and is actively used in the modern private or commercial construction market.

All this is based on the main advantages of fiberglass reinforcement:

Fiberglass reinforcement “Basis” is corrosion-resistant

  • Fiberglass reinforcement “Basis” is corrosion-resistant, does not oxidize, and does not change its characteristics even in aggressive environments (including alkaline environment of the concrete). In terms of strength, fiberglass reinforcement belongs to the first group of chemically resistant materials.
  • With the equal diameter, maximum strength limit of the fiberglass reinforcement “Basis” is 2.5-3 times higher than of the metal reinforcement. Due to this, the term “leveling replacement” (equal-strength replacement) was adopted. It means that the metal can be replaced by a smaller cross-section fiberglass reinforcement of equal strength.

The fiberglass reinforcement “Basis” is much lighter.

The fiberglass reinforcement “Basis” is much lighter. It weighs 5 times less than metal reinforcement of equal diameter, and 9 times lighter than metal reinforcement of equal diameter. All this not only simplifies the concrete construction, but also allows you to significantly save on transportation time and financial costs to its destination place.

  • Fiberglass reinforcement “Basis” is about 30% cheaper than its metal counterpart of equal strength
  • The coefficient of thermal expansion of fiberglass reinforcement is almost equal to the coefficient of expansion of concrete;
  • Fiberglass reinforcement “Basis” has an extremely low thermal conductivity, which almost eliminates the existence of so-called “cold bridges” during use.
  • Fiberglass reinforcement “Basis” is magnetically inert. In addition, studies confirm its transparency towards radio waves. Because of this, the use of fiberglass reinforcement will not create “blind spots” where mobile communications work poorly.

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