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Fiberglass reinforcement

Fiberglass reinforcement is a unique and innovative construction material. Fiberglass and various polymers are used in the process of its preparation.

It consists of two main parts: the inner part is a set of fibers that are connected to each other by a polymer resin, and the outer part is an array of fibers that are spirally wound on the inner part.

Generally, the following components are used for the production of fiberglass (composite) reinforcement: glass fiber, basalt fiber, carbon fiber. Each of them can be used both independently and successfully combined in certain proportions. Fiberglass-based constructions are the most popular today.

Carbon and basalt reinforcement also have a number of advantages, but at the same time are significantly more expensive than fiberglass reinforcement. And rightly so, this economic factor is the reason for the popularity of fiberglass reinforcement in Europe as well as in America and Canada, and also in Russia.

The cross section of the fiberglass reinforcement may reach 4-32 mm. It is important to highlight the following properties among the advantages of fiberglass reinforcement: significantly higher bending and tensile strength, corrosion resistance, high resistance to alkalis and salts. Fiberglass reinforcement can be used in a wide range of temperatures (-70 to +100 degrees). It retains its properties and its service life is more than 100 years.

Nowadays, fiberglass reinforcement is actively used in building works as a reinforcing component in both heavy and lightweight concrete.

Fiberglass reinforcement is successfully used for various purposes: in construction and road works, including repair and reconstruction works, as well as in shore protection works, bridges, dams, etc.

Our fiberglass reinforcement has a strong double periodic profile (corrugation), which distinguishes our reinforcement from the product of other manufacturers, and at the same time ensures its best bond with the concrete.

You can buy our fiberglass composite reinforcement which is definitely ideal for foundations, walls and floors, slabs, concrete shoreline structures, yard reinforcements, etc. Our fiberglass reinforcement is suitable for any conditions, based on production, that complies with all necessary standards.. All this is confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity, research results and ISO-9001 certification.