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Despite contradictions, day by day the fiberglass reinforcement is more and more actively used in the market of modern capital construction, not only in America, Canada and Russia, but already and...


When choosing between the metal fittings and fiberglass reinforcement, the extent of savings in case of use of fiberglass reinforcement often is calculated incorrectly. In most cases, only...

Fiberglass reinforcement

Fiberglass reinforcement - a unique building material, and fiberglass and various types of polymers are used for its manufacture. It consists of two main parts: the inside part consists of set of...


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About US

Company INTREC GEORGIA, the first Georgian company and at the same time a leader in the production of composite reinforcement. In 2014 Intrec Georgia introduced a new production which is growing and developing – FRP rebar manufacturing.
The company has taken part in more than one (Tbilisi, Batumi, Plovdiv, Baku) International exhibitions.
The company is certified for production machinery, has obtained a certificate of quality ГОСТ-31938-2012 issued for their products and quality management certificate ISO-9001.
The company has accumulated enough experience and technological resources to meet not only the requirements of the local market.
We collaborated with a number of private construction and large construction companies (their not complete list can be found here), and numerous private, commercial and industrial space was built  with the use of FRP rebar manufactured by Intrec Georgia (Photo).
The company continues to grow and today with gained experience of modern technologies and efficient management, INTREC GEORGIA  is ready to serve customers.

During this period, despite of numerous obstacles , the company's main goal has always been and remains in continuous development, innovative product offerings, product quality daily refining capacity and offering low prices.

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