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Fiberglass reinforcement

Fiberglass reinforcement - a unique building material, and fiberglass and various types of polymers are used for its manufacture.

It consists of two main parts: the inside part consists of set of fibers interconnected by a polymeric pitch, and an outer part - is a massif of fibers which are helically wound onto the inner part.

As a rule, for the manufacture of composite (fiberglass) reinforcement, the following components are used: basalt fibers, fiber glasses, fibrous carbon. Each of them is used both independently and also their successful combination in certain proportions is possible. Nowadays, constructions made on the basis of glass or basalt fibers are the biggest success. Basalt plastic armature in certain proportion is advantageous, but at the same time is much more expensive compared with fiberglass reinforcement. Exactly this economic factor is the reason of promotion of fiberglass reinforcement, both in Europe, and in America and Canada, and also in Russia.

Today the fiberglass fittings represent a unique building material. Such innovative fittings for production and construction sector are generally made from fiber glasses and polymers, and are fabricated of composite raw materials with the use of modern nanotechnologies.

Cross-section of fiberglass reinforcement can be 4-32mm. From advantages of fiberglass reinforcement it is important to mark out the following qualities: considerably high resistance to stretching and bending. Resistance to corrosion, high durability towards alkalis and salts. Using fiberglass reinforcement is available in wide temperature range (-70 to + 100 degrees). It retains the properties and terms of use for more than 100 years.

Today, the fiberglass fittings are widely used in construction as a strengthening component, both in the case of heavy and lightweight concrete.

Fiberglass reinforcement has been used successfully for different purposes: in building and road works, including repair and reconstruction activities, as well as in coast-protecting works, bridges, dams, etc.

The fiberglass reinforcement produced by us has a strong double-periodic profile (corrugation) that will provide its best fit with concrete. It should be noted that unlike others, we use basalt fiber for profiling of fittings fabricated by us, which is significantly stronger than fiber glass.

Here you can buy a fiberglass composite reinforcing that is unambiguously wonderful for the base, walls and floor slabs, coast-protecting concrete structures, reinforcement of yards, etc. Fiberglass rebar produced by us is suitable for all conditions, at the basis of which the production that satisfies all necessary standards lies.

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